KODAK Molecular Sieve

KODAK Molecular Sieve – 12.5 g each

Minimum order 2 Tins each 120 packets.

Price on request

Each tin has a weight of 1,6kg – 19x17x17cm 

Long-term storage of film has been an industry concern since the beginning of motion pictures. Moisture, temperature, acids and vapors from the atmosphere that surround stored film have an impact on the life expectancy of motion picture film.

“Vinegar Syndrome”, is a term used to describe the chemical reaction that goes on during the deterioration of cellulose triacetate film support. When cellulose triacetate begins to decompose, “deacetylation” occurs and the acetate ion reacts with moisture to form acetic acid producing a vinegar odor when a can is opened. Once the reaction is started, it cannot be stopped.

Molecular Sieve is a promising new technology developed by Eastman Kodak Company, that has the ability to retard the vinegar syndrome reaction. Simply stated, the inclusion of Molecular Sieve with processed motion picture film in a sealed container has the ability to extend the life of the dye images and film support beyond that which is currently considered normal.