Film Cores- 75mm (3″) blue stabilized – now also in WHITE

and here is a sensation — 8mm Film Core and 9,5mm Film Core – ready for delivery

Photographic Activity Test English

16mm – Packed 240 pcs. pr. carton – 30x40x20cm – weight 3,7 kg. Price 0,71€ pr piece

35mm – Packed 100 pcs. pr. carton – 30x40x20cm – weight 4,2 kg. Price 0,84€ pr piece

Film Cores 8mmx75mm blue – 3″ – 0,60 €/each (quantity pr.carton not given)

Film Cores 9,5mmx75mm blue – 3″ – 0,62 €/each (quantity pr. carton not given)

Dancore – the ‘bobbin’ in polypropylene – with PAT Test and PAT Test from Orwo.

Since the dawn of film ‘bobbins’ have been made of wood or many different types of plastic, from pvc to polystyrene and wood. Polyolefins are the most suitable and most economic materials for archive film containers and cores. They have the advantage of a simple structure with only carbon and hydrogen atoms in their molecular make up. High-density polyethylene and polypropylene are the best choices, since they act as effective barriers to oxygen diffusion. Formulation using synergistic combinations of additives offering good thermal protection are needed. This we call a stabilizer and is used in the manufacturing process of Dancan film cans as well as in Dancore ‘bobbins’. Data from independent tests performed at the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology proves that Dancan plastic film can has passed the PAT Photographic Activity Test. (same formulation for Dancore) (ANSI IT9.16) It also conforms with SMPTE and other ANSI Standards.

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