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KEMwind is a state-of-the-art winding table

“KEMwind is a state-of-the-art winding table for any film stock with an incredible winding quality.
All the features of KEM’s smaller version of a winding table (KEMroll) are available here.
KEMwind produces a precise and constant winding on both plates (the winding and unwinding plates)
while you may adjust the film tension variably on this model.
Further features like a changeable option carrier for sundry electronic film sensors for various film condition
values makes this table versatile and indispensable for effective and economic archive work.
With its gentle film treatment and automation features for contemporary archive work KEMwind creates
a new cost-benefit ratio in archival work and helps to actively save the value of the analogue film stock.”

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„KEM STUDIOTECHNIK has a rich tradition of quality and innovation in the design and manufacturing of film editing and inspection tables.

For over 45 years, a wide selection of KEM STUDIOTECHNIK products have been essential tools for film studios, laboratories and archives

around the world helping to preserve our valuable film heritage.

Now, after an intensive period of research and engineering, KEM rolls out with a redesigned and state of the art fleet of preparation tables

which treat film as gentle as it deserves to be treated – based on the requirements of archivists.”