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Dancan Film Cans offers ventilation – option YES or NO. Simply turn the lid to cover the 8mm hole in both sides – or turn it so the U leaves it open. Simple solution. Archival film cans for extended term storage. Dancan is the only true archival film can in the world due to the stabilisation technique suggested by Manchester Metropolitan University.
16mm 4 plus kerneMellemrum 20 hvid35mm 4 stkMellemrum 20 hvidKerner
 The series of 16mm cans has been completed with 280x26mm, corresponding to 800 FT – we now have 8 sizes and film cores
punchMellemrum 40 hvidDanchek Eye jpg 72 dpiMellemrum 40 hvidMont DanchekMellemrum 40 hviddanchek5cmh-1
 Punch a 11mm hole and insert the indictor. Come back year after year to see if it changes to yellow when film has turned acetic
DanchekMellemrum 40 hvidDanchek wide masterMellemrum 40 hvidYou may count them – but we guarantee 250 pcs. pr. package and you get short documentation and a pencil for your jacket.Pencil
 Danchek AD-Strips – Place a strip on the film – close the can and come back in a couple of days to check if the film has turned acetic