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Winder paint 72

The ERNEMANN winding table SPINNER combines sprocket- and even capstanless film transport with controllable tension to take best care of the film while winding and inspection.
The table can be loaded with 16 and 35 mm reels up to 2000 ft and provides several presets for various film bases and conditions. Winding speed and sensitivity of tension can be set individually. Equipped with the ERNEMANN mamory-interface and a number of sensors to collect meta-data such as shrinkage or missing or bad perforation, the SPINNER is the perfect tool for any film archive or film laboratory to inspect or just view their film stock the most efficient and gently way.



Performance Caracteristics



Max reel size up to 610 meter or 2000 ft

Suitable for nitrate material

Presets for different film stocks

Adjustable film tension ( 10 – 500 gr.)

Film speed 1 fps to 250 fps

Jog/shuttle control

Manual-control emulation




Dimmable LED light table

Built-In counter



Lowest maintanace

100-240 volt, 50/60Hz



Other film formats (8mm, 9,5mm)

Capstan drive

Sprocket drive

Exhaust hood

MWA Laser Shrinkage Detector ( L.S.D)

ERNEMANN memory interface.

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