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Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieves

Long-term storage of film has been an industry concern since the beginning of motion pictures. Moisture, temperature, acids and vapors from the atmosphere that surround stored film have an impact on the life expectancy of motion picture film. “Vinegar Syndrome”, is a term used to describe the chemical reaction that goes on during the deterioration of cellulose triacetate film support. When cellulose triacetate begins to decompose, “deacetylation” occurs and the acetate ion reacts with moisture to form acetic acid producing a vinegar odor when a can is opened. Once the reaction is started, it cannot be stopped.

How to Use the Molecular Sieve Molecular Sieve is held in a semi-permeable packet of TyvekTM – which allows vapors to be easily scavenged and contained. The Molecular Sieve packets should be placed evenly around the outside circumference of the film roll. The packets can be folded lengthwise for 16mm applications. Film and Molecular Sieve packets are then inserted in a polyethylene plastic bag. The bag should be folded over within the container. If you decide not to use a bag, the can should be sealed with moisture proof tape. It is important that the container be clean and rust free. Each Molecular Sieve packet contains 12.5 grams of Molecular Sieve desiccant. Using the proper amount of Molecular Sieve is important for optimum storage results. Never use more than the recommended amount. Description:                       MiniPax® 12g 4A Molecular Sieve

Packed:                            125 per 1 gallon Can/6 Cans per box (Minimum order quantity 750 sachets/1 Box)

Price:                                €0,40€ a piece – One carton with 750 pcs. is 300€ and prices are ex. factory UK


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