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Fica System


The system was designed by the Swedish Film Institute as a complete system for storage of film. The basic idea was that the film should prepared for storage in a humidity chamber in order to adapt to 35% RH. The film should be wound loosely to speed up the process. After humidification it is packed in a multilayer aluminium pouch and the air should be evacuated in a machine to a certain vacuum which should not bee to hard, not too loose. The film is now ready for freezing in any household freezer. The weight is taken down and if any change occurs in the future the pouch is not properly tight or has been damaged. We recommend this system in a simple version and can supply the FICA bags and the vacuumpackaging machine. Brochure of the 1984 original FICA – Film Conditioning Apparatus


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Fica bag

120 meter – 18x23cm – request price
300 meter – 31x39cm – not in stock anymore
600 meter – 43x49cm – request price

Alternative is our Aluminium Bags